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About Us

Anaiwan Advisory is a 100% Aboriginal and Veteran owned, operated and led commercial firm. Our founding Director is a proud Aboriginal man from the Anaiwan tribe, whose traditional territory spans the Northern Tablelands in New South Wales. Our purpose is to enable meaningful change in the commercial, procurement and legal sectors by providing our customers with a true partnership, thought leadership and experience of over 40 years of public and private sector experience. 


We believe that meaningful change happens when it is created by Aboriginal people, not for Aboriginal people. Our desire to create this firm reflects our belief in the rights of our communities to determine their own futures. 

Our Team

We are a diverse team of experts, that specialise in a range of Commercial, Probity and Procurement Services. Our team of 11 specialists are spread across most parts of Australia, allowing us the flexibility to manage our resources to suit our clients outcomes and requirements.

Kristopher Wozniak

Commercial Director

Experience: Kris is a seasoned Government procurement professional with experience across all tiers of government, ASX100 listed companies and specialised events such as the Commonwealth Games in senior management roles. Kris is a Fellow of the World Commerce and Contracting and is a Nationally Certified Procurement Trainer up to Graduate Certificate in Strategic Procurement. 

Experience: Ian is a highly motivated, diligent, and committed procurement professional who has garnered extensive experience in local, state, and federal government settings. Possessing proven expertise in procurement and contract management, category management, capital works procurement, planning, and budgeting, he is an award-winning industry-recognised expert with a track record of excellence in data analysis, sourcing, and commercial management.


Ian Munro

Senior Commercial Manager

Bruce Walker

Senior Commercial Manager

Experience: Bruce is a dedicated Procurement professional with diverse experience in telecommunications, cybersecurity, and government construction procurement. Possessing in-depth knowledge of procurement and contract management, as well as ICT
and capital works procurement, planning, and budgeting. Recognised as an award-winning expert in various procurement categories

Experience: Maisie is a dedicated administration manager with a proven track record of excellence in project administration and establishing robust governance processes. With over eight years of experience in medical administration, Maisie plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient functioning of our project delivery teams, ensuring timely progress and seamless coordination of task management and office administration requirements.


Maisie Brennan

Administration Manager

Our Trusted Parter

Black Ink Legal Corporate and Commercial

Anaiwan Advisory has formed a strategic partnership with Black Ink Legal Corporate and Commercial to collaborate on projects in the Commercial and Procurement field. This partnership allows Anaiwan Advisory to increase their resources when necessary and work on bigger projects as a unified team. One distinctive aspect of our partnership is that it enables us to offer a comprehensive end-to-end service model that covers both Procurement and Legal requirements.

Kirsten Dilena


Experience: Kirsten is a highly respected senior lawyer and commercial director with over two decades of extensive experience in contracting and procurement, primarily in support of major defence infrastructure and sustainment projects. With expertise in drafting and negotiating complex commercial contracts and procurement documentation, procurement strategy development, direct supplier relationship management, and dispute resolution, Kirsten is well-versed in all aspects of the procurement lifecycle.


Experience: Melanie is a highly motivated, diligent, and dedicated senior lawyer with extensive experience in the commercial and federal government sectors, including the Defence Industry. Possessing proven expertise in procurement and contract management, intellectual property, and complex ICT contracts. Melanie is widely recognised for her expert knowledge in areas such as cyber security, intellectual property, major acquisitions, and strategic negotiation skills on both local and international stages.


Melanie Hutchinson

Senior Lawyer

Janina Byrne

Senior Lawyer

Experience: Janina is a highly accomplished Lawer with over 20 years of experience, including extensive service in the Commonwealth Government. She has demonstrated leadership in managing numerous high-profile defence related acquisitions, which have highlighted her expertise in procurement and contract management. Janina’s distinguished career has enabled her to develop an exceptional understanding of the complexities of procurement in government settings. Her knowledge, skills,
and achievements make her an asset to any organisation looking for a seasoned procurement and commercial management professional.


Experience: Dave is a highly self-motivated and diligent lawyer with extensive experience in the commercial, local, and state government sectors. Possessing sound knowledge in procurement and contract management, probity, intellectual property, and services procurement contracts, Dave joined Black Ink Legal in 2022 and has since been providing legal, probity, and baseline procurement services to our local and state government clients, as well as our private sector clients.


Dave Ferensowicz

Junior Lawyer

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