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Our Services

At Anaiwan Advisory, we tailor our services around your individual and unique needs. During our initial consultation, we will identify the challenges your business is currently facing and tailor our offer to best solve your challenges.


Our Commercial Advisory Services provide both strategic counsel and pragmatic solutions. Our team of seasoned commercial advisors partners with business leaders and key stakeholders to deliver invaluable insights that aid in navigating the intricate terrain of commercial decision-making. We address a broad spectrum of commercial considerations including business strategy formulation, financial planning, risk management, market exploration, and identification of growth opportunities. Utilising our extensive industry acumen and proficiency, we assist in sculpting strategies that align with your commercial objectives and market environment.


Our Procurement and Contract Management services include both advisory and operational support. Our experienced team assists clients throughout the entire procurement process, from strategic sourcing and tendering to contract negotiation, implementation, and contract management. Our expertise ensures a rigorous, effective, and cost-efficient procurement process, aligning with the client's business objectives and compliance requirements.


Our Probity Services extend across both advisory and auditing aspects. Our team of probity specialists support the Evaluation Committee and management throughout the procurement process to ensure an unbiased, fair, and reasonable procedure is adhered to, always with an eye on achieving optimal value for money. We focus on facilitating transparent, accountable, and defensible decision-making processes. From early-stage procurement planning to contract award and management, our expertise helps minimise risks, uphold ethical standards, and ensure the integrity of the procurement process, contributing to successful outcomes and strengthening our clients' public confidence.


Our Commercial Legal Services cover advisory support. Our team of skilled legal experts works alongside business leaders, providing crucial guidance throughout various commercial undertakings to ensure legal compliance and minimise risk exposure. We cover a broad range of commercial law areas, including contract negotiations, corporate structuring, intellectual property, dispute resolution, and risk management. Leveraging our deep legal knowledge and industry experience, we aim to safeguard your business interests, facilitate smooth commercial transactions, and deliver value for money while adhering to the highest standards of legal integrity and professionalism.

Project Management

Our Project Management services span both consultation and execution phases. Our project management professionals guide the project team and leadership throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring a structured, effective, and efficient process is implemented to deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. Leveraging our robust methodologies, we strive to maintain transparency, manage risks, and ensure the successful completion of projects, aligning with our commitment to achieve value for money and exceed client expectations. Our experienced project managers are experienced with AS-2124, AS-4000 and GC21 contracting suites.

Program Evaluation

Our Program Evaluation services encompass both assessment and strategic recommendations. Our team of seasoned evaluators work closely with stakeholders and program managers to ensure an impartial, comprehensive, and insightful evaluation is conducted within the frame of efficiency and effectiveness. We employ best practice methodologies and data-driven approaches to measure program impact, assess performance against objectives, identify areas for improvement, and provide practical recommendations. This robust process not only ensures value for money but also facilitates continuous program improvement and drives informed decision-making.

Fed Gov Commercial Team

Our Federal Government Commercial Team provides responsive and robust commercial services tailored specifically to the unique demands and regulatory environment of federal government entities. Leveraging our established commercial relationships with MSP/DSS providers or the BuyICT panel and the advantage of pre-existing clearances, we can swiftly mobilise a dedicated team at short notice to meet your urgent project needs.

Analytics and Insights

Our Analytics Capability offers a powerful combination of strategic insights and data-driven decision-making tools. Our dedicated team of analytics experts leverages advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies to transform raw data into meaningful, actionable insights. We provide services across the entire analytics spectrum - from data collection and processing to analysis and interpretation. Whether it's predictive modelling, customer segmentation, performance benchmarking, or trend analysis, we deliver customised analytics solutions tailored to your specific business needs and objectives.

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